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“Where baking is still an Art”

At Breadworks-Boulangerie, our passion is bread. Our breads are made fresh everyday by hand, with almost no mechanical intervention. Creating our artisan breads is a long, meticulous process, and takes between 2 and 3 days from flour bag to shop shelf.

Most of our breads are baked carefully in our European stone-lined ovens, without any yeasts, fats, or preservatives. Instead, we use home-made culture, or Levain, made from the wild yeasts present on Alphonso mangoes to naturally raise most of our breads and pastries. Our flour is milled especially for us ensuring it’s free from chemicals and preservatives.

In other words, Breadworks-Boulangerie makes hard crusted bread in the most expensive, time-consuming, most painful way possible. All of our breads reflect our commitment to the highest standards of quality, our dedication to the time honoured traditions of European artisan bread baking and our undying love of fresh baked, old world country breads.

This slow Artisan European method employed by us was used over a 100 years ago to create breads that were unparallel in flavour, crust, texture, and above all, digestibility. We hope you enjoy our selection of international breads and pastries!

Passionate about Bread...CEO Speak

Breadworks-Boulangerie is a division of Claire Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd. and is one of the several successful ventures that have been set up by Mr. Cherian Philip and partners under the guidance of Master Chef and Baker Maurice Chaplais.

Traveling frequently to France and Germany, Mr. Phillip fell in love with the charming cafés and cobbled-street boulangeries of old Europe. Recognizing that the economic and cultural environment in India was ripe for international offerings in Food and Beverages he set up Breadworks-Boulangerie in Bangalore. Particularly because this is in many ways a cosmopolitan city and a melting pot of various cultures and tastes. The bakery-cafés have often been heralded as having “the best bread in town" by its patrons and that stuck on and became its adage… an inspiration to the team to faithfully live up to that on an everyday basis.

Many of the expats in India as well as those who have come to love good bread will say that the one thing that they miss mostly is authentic artisan breads and pastries. The key to our success is our relentless pursuit of quality and the use of fresh and virgin ingredients. The wheat that we use is free of chemicals and other additives and our bread is made from original European recipes and our production and logistics team work tirelessly day after day to ensure that you receive fresh bread and other products daily.

Our bread is baked fresh everyday and we do not sell bread which is beyond the 24 hour cycle, even though its shelf life is much longer. We are happy that we also fulfill a social cause by distributing excess bread daily to various orphanages and charity organizations in Bangalore and its suburbs.

Breadworks is growing at a very fast pace and from a single unit in Bangalore we are now present in several locations across the city. That apart, we are also found on the shelves of Spar Supermarket, Food World outlets and other gourmet stores. We also sell a variety of imported cheese, specialty condiments, ice creams and other related food products. We will be expanding our operations to other cities in India shortly and hope to be your favorite bakery-café and maintain our adage as "the best bread in town”

The Team

At Breadworks-Boulangerie we beliesve that wearing the same shirt doesn’t make us a team, instead it’s our collective combination of hard work, striving to please those we serve and our dedication to getting it right. Everyday throws open a new opportunity for our team comprising of café staff, artisan bakers, pastry experts and crew members to create a nouveau culinary experience for you.


Bakery at Doddabalapur

When Breadworks Boulangerie opened its doors in 2008, it was out of a small artisan bakery in Hebbal, Bangalore. Rapidly, the demand for high quality, traditional breads increased in Bangalore. For meeting the growing orders, a state-of-the-art production facility was built up in Doddabalapur. This bakery, which is now HACCP compliant and on the path to ISO 22,000 certification, produced its first bread in November 2012.

The current set-up is divided into 4 major departments:

  • The artisan bakery, which continues using the same traditional processes and equipments as before it’s shift to Doddabalapur.
  • A new industrial bakery for sliced breads and allied products such as crumbs, buns, sticks etc… this department has a total capacity of about 20,000 loafs / day.
  • The European pastry section for savouries, tea times products and cakes.
  • The hot kitchen which prepares the semi-finished products for the café menu items.

Across all departments, the production processes, right from the selection of raw material, storage, mixing, proofing, baking and packaging, follow the most stringent regulations for Quality and Hygiene. Each parameter is recorded and monitored and all materials (raw, semi-finished or finished) are coded for compete traceability, which is a must to ensure customer’s satisfaction.