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All our artisan breads are baked daily using only the finest natural ingredients. Our dough contains no cholesterol, fats, preservatives or other artificial additives

  • Parisian Baguette

    A Parisian classic, fresh out of the oven with a golden hue, a slight crunch, and a soft-chewy porous center filled great flavor.

  • Baps and Breakfast Rolls

    Smeared with butter, topped with meat, eaten like a sandwich… There are so many ways to enjoy a pair of Breakfast Rolls, White Flour, Multi-Grain and Whole Wheat Baps.

  • Bread

    Baked daily; begin your day with the healthy goodness of our selection of organic Multi-Grain, White Loaf and Whole Wheat bread loaves.

  • Pain Au Levain (Sourdough)

    A hard-crust bread with a tangy taste, makes for a great soul bowl.

  • Brioche

    Delicate, light and buttery with a golden brown tinge, it’s a mere step away from being a cake.

  • Garlic and Pita Bread

    Choose from the fresh Pita with deep pockets and the spicy-buttery Garlic, for a great sandwich.

  • Ciabbata

    Versatile and distinct in flavor, with a moist crumb and a crackly, crisp crust.

  • Scottish Mist

    A soft bun that forms an integral part of the traditional bread basket family.

  • Challah

    A braided bread sweetened with honey and a generous sprinkling of poppy and sesame seeds.

  • Family Bread (Brown and White)

    Prized for its taste and aroma, treat your family to servings of our soft, oven fresh breads and they’ll have you come back for more.

  • Panini

    Light in texture yet rich and moist in the middle, it creates a luxurious foil for meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

  • Bagels (Plain and Cinnamon)

    Dense and chewy with a crisp exterior, have your bagels Plain with traditional lox and cream cheese or spiced with Cinnamon.