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Do you have this irresistible urge to bite into a warm apple strudel, or do you wish for a pack of crunchy biscotti to go with your afternoon chai? Quell your cravings when you place an order with our partners. They conveniently deliver the choicest of our products to your doorstep.
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Shop all our retail products in your nearest supermarket: Foodworld, MK Retail, Big Bazar and at the prestigious Groumet stores: The Market Place and FoodHall, 1 MG.

Rich Fruit Plum Cake

The Christmas Cake as we know it today comes from customs started around 1870 in Victorian England. Originally there was a porridge, and then there was a fine cake made with the finest milled wheatflour, exotic spices of the East, dried fruits and almonds. This is the PLUM CAKE, as we know it today. For very long, these cakes were sent from all parts of Europe to the rest of the world. Few years ago, a small bakery in Bangalore began to bake a rich fuit plum cakes, in its old tradition. Today, this cake is probably the most popular cake and appreciated all over town!. To know more click here..