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Tea Time

Made in the English tradition, these scrumptious goodies are made with the finest natural and imported ingredients.

  • Donuts

    Soft and slightly crispy in a trio of flavours like Lime-Fondant, Caramel and Chocolate.

  • The Quadruple Brownie

    A warm centre that’s home to heavy chunks of chocolate as the mushy in-between.

  • Tart

    Find around its fluted edges Almond and Cherry or French Apple.

  • Cheese Cake

    Sink in- between the buttery crust and the tangy-sweet lemony centre.

  • Bars

    The chewy mix of walnuts, dried fruits and oats with cinnamon and honey. There’s nothing like this out there!

  • Muffins

    Moist and delicious in flavours of Blueberry, Banana Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Apple, Caramel and Nantucket.

  • Eclairs

    Savour the creamy filling with your choice of Caramel or Chocolate.

  • Sweet Breads

    Packed with flavor, these breads taste great with Indian Chai. Choose from Banana, Ginger and Cinammon Raisin Bread.

  • Apple Strudel

    A sweet layered pastry with apple, cinnamon and raisins tucked in.